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Weeks 37-38: Must-Mix-and-Mingle Fundraisers [Score +9 each]

My first memory of volunteering just for the purpose of doing something for the community—not because I would enjoy it or benefit personally—was bussing tables for a church breakfast over Labor Day weekend when I was in middle school. I'm scarred for life from the experience. The good news: I’ve found loads of opportunities to volunteer and give back in ways that I find much more enjoyable, and the holiday season offers many such opportunities.

Week 17: Three Slices of Life in Nicaragua

The campo. The bustling, working-class city. The colonial tourist destination. Over the course of my one week in Nicaragua, I spent time in each of these representative areas of the country. The result? I had both relaxing and uncomfortable moments but came away with a greater appreciation and understanding of the realities of Nicaraguan life than I would have if left to my own devices.