Scoring: The Rules of the Game

Let’s be nerdy and add some quantitative measurement to this project, shall we?

The number-one goal of this year is to do one thing outside my routine every week. For an introvert like myself, each kind of activity and interaction has a different magnitude on the comfort-zone scale.

This is a positive challenge to myself, so every activity has at least a +1 measure of value. For that, you’ll see at the most basic level, “Left the house” gets +1 point. “Did something entirely new” also gets +1 point. What else?

  • Did something outside my routine: +1
  • Left the house: +1
  • Did something entirely new: +1
  • Activity benefits my health/wellbeing: +1
  • Burned real calories (so I got some exercise): +1
  • Signed up for an activity without knowing anyone else involved: +2 [added May 2]
  • Had a conversation with a stranger of at least 30 seconds: +2
  • Had a conversation with a stranger beyond basics (i.e., work, hometown, what’s your dog’s name): +2
  • Learned someone’s name: +3
  • Copilot Mylee came along: +5
  • Made plans for a meetup afterward with someone involved in this activity: +15 (real connection! Big points!)
  • Made plans for a meetup afterward with a straight, age-appropriate, eligible man: +50 (because seriously, that’s a BIG DEAL)

What am I missing? What do you suggest? What hilarity might deserve a point value?

*Note: I, as the creator and sole player of this game, reserve the right to change or add points, whether objective or entirely subjective, at any point I may choose.

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