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New Year, New Adventures, New Possibilities

I roll my eyes a bit in early January when the two sides of the To Resolve or Not To Resolve camp duke it out in the battle for our new year mindset.

I personally choose to use the time to set goals for myself. The time of year may be arbitrary, yes, but we do use a calendar, so why not use it? I like to look back over the year, take time to remember some of the things I did or experienced, and acknowledge the path I took to get to December 31.

Week 44: From High Tea to Gatsby: New Zealand’s North Island, Part 1 [Score +67]

New Zealand is 8,200 miles from my home in the Midwestern United States. Before January of this year, I let that distance keep me from seriously considering making a trip there myself. I told myself, “Some day I’ll do it." Apparently, what I needed was the right carrot dangled in front of me: an invitation to join two friends who have visited multiple times and could share their familiarity with me. On February 13, I landed in Auckland, New Zealand, and my first-ever two-week vacation began.

Week 36: A New Spa Experience: Floatation Therapy [Score +16]

Imagine a feeling of complete weightlessness, of floating in a completely dark space, and the loudest sound you hear is that of your own breath. Now make it blissful: this space of peace and quiet and relaxation is all yours, uninterrupted by beeps, dings, messages, conversation, or cries for a full hour. I’ve been there. It exists. It’s called floatation therapy, and I tried it.

Week 17: Three Slices of Life in Nicaragua

The campo. The bustling, working-class city. The colonial tourist destination. Over the course of my one week in Nicaragua, I spent time in each of these representative areas of the country. The result? I had both relaxing and uncomfortable moments but came away with a greater appreciation and understanding of the realities of Nicaraguan life than I would have if left to my own devices.