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Week 41: Vibrational Sound Therapy [Score +4]

Have you ever discussed a shared memory with a friend and realized that the two of you had very different recollections of the same moment in time? My latest intrepid activity—a Vibrational Sound Therapy concert—and the comparison of personal experiences immediately afterward—reminded me of exactly that phenomena.

Week 36: A New Spa Experience: Floatation Therapy [Score +16]

Imagine a feeling of complete weightlessness, of floating in a completely dark space, and the loudest sound you hear is that of your own breath. Now make it blissful: this space of peace and quiet and relaxation is all yours, uninterrupted by beeps, dings, messages, conversation, or cries for a full hour. I’ve been there. It exists. It’s called floatation therapy, and I tried it.