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Week 50: The [Salsa] Rhythm is Gonna Get You [Score +14]

Dance—in a pretty non-traditional sense—has been a pretty big part of my life from the time I was 10 years old. Clogging, ballroom, salsa, and Lindy Hop have all been in my repertoire at some point, but not in the last several years. I missed it, though. When I discovered a local group teaching Rueda de Casino—a casual, street-style salsa danced in Cuba—I was intrigued. In this style, the dancers switch to a new partner every 10 seconds or so when the caller calls out your next move seven or eight beats ahead of time. 

Week 39: I Came to Dance [Score +15]

The company holiday party: after three or four years of avoidance, I decided to be intrepid and go to mine this year. Big parties at which I have to yell to have a conversation with the person standing next to me aren’t generally my thing. Add to this my usual lack of a willing +1, and you can understand why my enthusiasm for attending in the last few years hasn’t been terribly high.