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Week 52: I Bought My First Home [Score +2]

I’ve been really comfortable with my living situation.

For nine years, I rented a small house from my parents. As responsible and flexible landlords, they gave me pretty free rein to make the house my own. They long encouraged me to buy the house from them, citing the tax and financial benefits I’d gain long-term as a homeowner.

I resisted. The [silly high] expectations I had for myself made me want to buy a home that I chose for myself, not one that was conveniently available through family circumstances. I wanted to make my own decision when I bought my first home, not just take my parents’ recommendation (even though I knew it was sensible).

Nine years later, I was still renting. Then, this past spring, my tax return gave me a final kick from behind: some tax deductions really wouldn’t be a bad idea for next year.

Week 49: Active Citizen Participation in an Uncomfortable Climate [Score +5]

A few times during an active legislative session, the representatives for my county gather for “Legislative Breakfasts”—open meetings with the public. I made my first appearance with the encouragement of this project.

As I drove closer on that dark and cold morning, I pictured the scene in my head: I'd walk into a room with perhaps a dozen or so fellow citizens, and the organizers would greet me warmly because they would be so glad to see a new attendee. You can imagine my (pleased!) shock when I approached the venue and saw a parking lot overflowing with 200 or more cars.