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Week 41: Vibrational Sound Therapy [Score +4]

Have you ever discussed a shared memory with a friend and realized that the two of you had very different recollections of the same moment in time? My latest intrepid activity—a Vibrational Sound Therapy concert—and the comparison of personal experiences immediately afterward—reminded me of exactly that phenomena.

Weeks 37-38: Must-Mix-and-Mingle Fundraisers [Score +9 each]

My first memory of volunteering just for the purpose of doing something for the community—not because I would enjoy it or benefit personally—was bussing tables for a church breakfast over Labor Day weekend when I was in middle school. I'm scarred for life from the experience. The good news: I’ve found loads of opportunities to volunteer and give back in ways that I find much more enjoyable, and the holiday season offers many such opportunities.

Week 20: Festival Season Has Arrived [Score +12]

While I continue working on turning my full experience in Nicaragua into written words to share with you, I still have to stick to my Intrepid Introvert mission: to get out of my routine in one new way each week. This past Saturday, I braved the traffic of thoroughfares for the benefit of some exercise and easy bike parking when I made it to Brownsburg’s annual Festival of the Arts.